plot – A wine connoisseur hosts a weekly televised show from his wine cellar. One has a british accent.
inspiration – waynes world, high maintenance

Sure, call anytime…my only questions will be if you have any thought as to the personality of the shows host, and the dynamic between he and his cohost.
I think you put your finger on it–it is absolute key–both of them. It is what makes the show. Their acting” profile has to be delinetated, even put on paper…who is each of these people? how are they different? what is the friction/agreement sense between them?

Also, I will ask if you want to spend the sag minimum of a hundred dollars a day for a local actor or two (they can do video auditions so you can check them out) or do you maybe want to spend a little more and see if you can get a name or semi name involved.
I think we have to talk about the best talent–and the most appropriate talent. I agree with Alexander Payne: casting in 90% of the success.
I see this being done in a couple days so it wouldnt be a long shoot either way. And I wouldnt present anything to anyone until we had an agreed upon concept/presentation.

I do think the “host” is a sincere dilettante, who is trying to actually make an impact on the wine world; his buddy, a Chris Farley look alike in a stretched out tee shirt (as if he lives in the basement), is an embarrassment but actually knows more about wine that he does.
There are side problems–like the wife who keeps yelling down into the basement and the dog who just comes busting through. Occasionally there is a totally obtuse unknown individual (many different characters) who crawls in from the darkness of the basement passing through.
90% of the conversation is not about wine, but about “nothing”

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